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First Dolphin Blog.

March 20, 2012

Hello Fellow Fin Fans.  Im Brandon, A 29 year Old fan Originally from Miami, Fl.  I’ve been a fan sinte Pete Stoyanivich’s 53 yard FG in 93′ playoffs.  I have clear memories of that game.  I was a 49er fan because of Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders greatest year as a player.

I learned alot about football throughout the years.  I suffered through the beat down by a well coached Tom Coughlin Jaguars team in Dan Marino’s Last Game.  I feel a special connection to Dolphins.  I was born September 15 just like Dan “the man”   and its just something about Aqua & Orange.  I will never give up on believing in Dolphins return to Relevance.  In my teens my mother purchased a house not to far from the stadium.  I had the priviledge of working as a bar back on Sunday’s.   I was there when we got real lucky and beat Manning & the Colts in 2000.  thanks to a missed FG by their kicker.  Lamar Smith had a heck of a game.  I like many fans have suffered through the years.  Believing we were right there to compete with best.  To find out we were still so far away.   I suffered with decision to Start Fiedler over Huard  against Marino’s advice.  Now they want input from him on almost every decision.


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